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8月 03 2023

初めて陶器の像を作った I made my first ceramic dog statue.



At the end of March of this year, Lana, who was also a dear friend of mine, passed away.
Lana was the longtime Border Collie partner of Jun Hobo, an outdoor writer I met at a previous job.




I did not spend that much time with Lana, but I did have one opportunity to care for her one-on-one for five days.

It was when I was still working for a company and commuting 1.5 hours each way from Zushi to Meguro Ward every day.




I had always taken it for granted that I would work overtime, but for the past five miraculous days, I was so concerned about Lana’s walks, toileting, and food that I left work right on time and ran home.



Lana was very smart, and anyway, Beppin was cute and lovely.





The five days I spent with Lana at that time were just fun, happy and joyful.

It is a very sparkling memory for me.



In the morning, when I was taking a walk along the beach in Hayama before my shift, Lana came slithering up to my feet with a stick in her mouth.



She looks up at me with a big smile.

Border collies are smart and athletic.





I throw the stick as far away as I can reach, even with the lead extended to its maximum distance.

Lana would run to retrieve it, put it in her mouth, and dash back. She would do this over and over again.

I was very tempted to keep playing with Lana, but I had to hurry home and go to the office because the train time was approaching. I spent a few days like this.





Even when I was at work, I fidgeted around 5pm.

Did Lana go to the bathroom properly? Was she hungry? I couldn’t help but worry about such things.

Maybe I was a little overprotective. LOL!




From about the second day, she came next to me and climbed on top of me while I was sleeping in my sleeping bag, and we just got along well with each other.


I had always thought Lana was cute, but during those five days, my love for her became stronger.



After five days of fun with Lana, Jun and the others came back, and I returned to my daily life as easily as if it were a lie.





A few days later, Jun told me.

You spoiled Lana so much, didn’t you? After I left her with you, Lana started to spoil us a lot!



At that time, I said, “What? Really? I thought I made it pretty tough. I’m sorry.” But now I’m wondering if that was a good thing. I’m thinking now.





I am sure that Lana really wanted to spoil Jun-san.

But I think she was holding back.

That’s what I think.




After quitting previous job, undergoing cancer treatment, and starting my own business, days were hectic, and my opportunities to hang out with outdoor friends were drastically reduced.




But on a moment’s notice, I remembered Lana.

Whenever I see a border collie on the beach, I wonder how Lana is doing.



Once, Lana appeared in my dream and I was so concerned that I contacted Jun-san to ask on Lana.

その夢の中で、ラナは何かを訴えるように泣いていて、やたらと私に飛びかかってきたので、私は心配になってラナに尋ねた。”ラナ、どうしたの?何があったの?” と必死に声をかけていた。

In that dream, Lana was crying as if she was complaining about something, and she was jumping on me so fast that I became concerned and asked Lana, “Lana, what’s wrong? What happened?” I was frantically calling out to her.
I was so worried that I called out to Lana frantically, “Lana, what’s going on?


I was very curious because I often had very vivid color dreams during this period, when the boundary between reality and dreams was uncertain.






Curious, I went to Jun’s Twitter page when I woke up in the morning.

He must be tweeting about anything! I thought.

But he had not tweeted anything about Lana. But I was still very curious about Lana, so I contacted Jun for the first time in over a year.

That was in the fall of 2021.





Just before Lana’s departure this year, a mutual acquaintance contacted me.

Lana’s condition was not good, and Jun-san was not doing well.



The next morning, I cycled to see Lana.





At that time, I was at my poorest point in my life, and even 1,000 yen was a lot of money, and it was a very difficult time for me.

After looking around the house and thinking about it, I grabbed the most expensive gift I had in the house at the time, a cup of delicious coffee for three people, and headed for Jun-san’s house.




It was a beautiful day and Lana was sleeping peacefully, wrapped warmly in the sun.


Jun looked a little tired.


I had not seen Lana for a long time, so I kept gently petting her as she slept.



We swam together in the ocean in Hayama, went to various snowy mountains together, enjoyed playing celebrity at a fashionable cafe in Hayama with Lana, laughed when she ate a loaf of freshly baked bread, and barked at me with her tail wagging, even from a distance.


I remember a lot of things…



Although they are few and far between, the times I spent with Lana were always fun and very sparkling memories for me.




It has been about four months since Lana’s departure and two seasons have changed.

Jun & his wife seem to be as busy as ever, traveling from place to place.




About three months ago, I heard that Jun-san was still not well.

So I decided to express one of my memorable scenes with Lana in my own way and give it to Mr. Jun.




When I was fighting my illness, Jun-san once came to check on me with Lana and Fusei (his son), carrying sweets he had bought at a teahouse in Hikage.



When I was a company employee, I was often teased or abused by Jun-san, but for some reason, he was like a kind and caring older brother to me.




At first I was scrolling through past photos on my phone to make a figurine in the shape of Lana, but then I thought this was a good memories and decided on the shot of Jun showing everyone the snowballs on Lana’s belly fur.


I thought it would be nice to have a picture of the two of them together, and Lana and Jun were one and the same, and I wanted to express that.



I remember how Jun-san was saying to Lana, “You really are an idiot,” as if he was disgusted with her. I remember how he took Lana’s hand while saying to her, “You are so stupid.However he loved Lana.




Jun’s love for Lana overflowed from his little gestures and facial expressions, and Lana’s loyalty to Jun was amazing.

I was always impressed by how wonderful he was. I was always impressed by her loyalty to Jun.




This ceramic statue is a gift for Jun.

素焼き後、釉薬掛けをして乾かしているところ。After unglazing, the piece is being glazed and dried.



I made clay statues for the first time.



I couldn’t help but move my hand when I heard Mr. Jun talking about Lana.



For the glaze on Lana’s belly, I wanted to recreate Lana covered in snowballs at that time, so I used a special glaze called Snow White (from an overseas manufacturer) that looks like snowballs.


この日、みんなで滑り終えて駐車場に戻ってきた後、ラナと豆千代を遊ばせていた時の様子。This is what happened when I let Lana and Mamechiyo play after we all finished skiing that day and returned to the parking lot.




Is Lana  playing with Mame that were good friends again?




Lately I have not been as motivated to do pottery as I used to be, but when I touched the clay for the first time in a long time and made a statue while looking at Lana’s picture, making pottery healed me very much for the first time in a long time.




When I made the statues of Lana and Jun, I was able to think from the bottom of my heart that I should only make them when my heart was moved, and many things that had been bothering me fell into place.




I finally feel like I have a good sense of distance from ceramics.

I think it is thanks to Lana.




Lana, thank you for the sparkling memories.

And thank you for bringing awareness to me.



I knew Lana was more intelligent than anyone else.



Come back and show up in my dreams in color! And let’s continue playing celebrity!



It’s just a dream, so let’s leave Hayama this time and play in various places abroad!


2023年8月3日 ucaco

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