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I would like to reintroduce the collection of vessels adorned with the K24 (or Platinum) brand, which has been nurtured as a staple since its inception in 2018.


During the creation of this series, I aimed to make a timeless classic that would continue to be beloved even after 5 or 10 years.


It was not just about enjoying pottery as a hobby; I wanted to turn my passion into a business by creating a signature line.


To establish at least a basic concept, I wrote down everything I wanted to do, the imagery I had in mind, and the keywords that came to me, filling my notebook.


I drew lines, crossed them out, and added more, repeatedly refining the image.


I believe that even during this process, my pottery journey had already begun.


Due to practical reasons, I wanted to focus on the Tatara plate as the main product. The first items I created were these three sizes of plates.


Choosing to make the Tatara(flat) plate the main item was a decision that went against the grain of my previous experience with pottery as a hobby.


From 2007 to 2017, I hardly ever made Tatara(flat) plates, and it was actually a technique that I struggled with.


My usual process involved using an electric potter’s wheel to create thin-walled, small bowls and dishes with taller feet. I favored glazes that exuded a strong Japanese aesthetic. So for those who had seen my pre-business pottery style, the sudden change in style was likely quite surprising.


However, I believe that these gold-accented plates didn’t represent a complete shift in style but rather a series that incorporated my preexisting preferences in a new and unique way, serving as my own expression of style.


At that time, I had set certain goals when considering what I wanted to achieve. Here are the goals I established:


  1. To always be an evolving classic: I wanted to create a line of products that would continuously evolve while remaining a staple.
  2. Two-color variations in the definitive colors of black and white: I aimed to offer a two-color lineup with the contrasting colors of absolute black and white.
  3. Using Gold for the milky white color to add a softness and Platinum to enhance the depth of black: I intended to incorporate Gold to bring out a sense of gentleness in the milky white color, and Platinum to further accentuate the depth of black.
  4. Starting with the main Tatara plates in three sizes, along with cups and bowls, and gradually releasing new designs organically: I wanted to begin with the core products and then introduce new variations naturally over time.


However, at that time, I struggled to achieve the desired black color, so I initially started the lineup with only the milky white color.

現在もSNSやHPのトップで使用しているこの写真の5型がスタートアップ時のプロダクトで、PLAT10(小皿)Plat15(取り分け皿)Plat20(大皿)Tasse(カップ)Cafe au Lait Bowl(茶碗)です。これがucacoceramicsとしての陶器ビジネスの原点となる器たちです。

The photograph of the five products shown, which I still use on social media and my website, represents the initial product lineup during the startup phase of ucacoceramics. The products are PLAT10 (small plate), Plat15 (serving plate), Plat20 (large plate), Tasse (cup), and Cafe au Lait Bowl. These items serve as the foundation of my pottery business under the name ucacoceramics.

2018年の開業当初からブランドの定番として育ててきたK24(orプラチナ)を縁取った器たちThe dishes adorned with the K24 (or Platinum) brand, which we have nurtured as a staple since the beginning of our business in 2018.


最初の大きなPOP UP EVENTは自由が丘のセレクトショップで開催させて頂きました。

We held our first major POP UP EVENT at a select shop in Jiyugaoka.


Many friends, acquaintances, and customers came to support us, and it was a joyful start for our business.



I am still grateful to those who purchased our ceramics, brought gifts, or simply came to visit us during that time.



Starting with such a wonderful experience brought me immense happiness.



When I timidly embarked on this pottery business, I had the thought of getting it on track within five years, but it felt presumptuous to say it out loud, so I kept it to myself, feeling both embarrassed and reluctant to voice it. However, I continued with the mindset of seizing every opportunity that came my way, putting in efforts and going with the flow.



This year marks the sixth year since we opened.




At this timing, I have reconsidered the nature of our business, the reason for starting a pottery brand, and even my initial discomfort with being called a “potter.” Being caught up in the daily busyness, I had grown accustomed to it.

I have also shared some of my thoughts and feelings about pottery and craftsmanship in the past, but now I plan to write and express my thoughts alongside the journey of our sixth year on our website.





Today marks the first reset. I will update it gradually on the days I can write. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you could take the time to read it.


2023年5月20日 ucaco





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