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Blk×Platinum  is the color I had in mind as the initial choice for creating this series of vessels. (Please read that as a timeless classic that will continue to be beloved even 5 or 10 years from now, ① ) Furthermore, while this color will actually be the fourth variant in the lineup, I would like to continue discussing that in the upcoming ③ and subsequent installments.




I wanted to combine a soft, gentle image of gold with a milky white color, and adorn the deep black with a glossy quality with the brilliance of platinum.

This color may give a slightly cool impressin.





I like incorporating opposing elements within a series or product, expressing the coexistence of Yin and Yang, which can be found in most things in the world. Perhaps that is what I wanted to depict.




I believe it is not about clearly defining things into one or the other, but rather recognizing that everything is encompassed within the of white and black.

The vessels adorned with gold and platinum accents currently form a series available in five different colors.



There was a period when I struggled and pondered over whether to narrow down the colors and shapes, going back and forth in my thoughts, only to end up not making any changes.




In conclusion, my current stance is that there is no need to force narrowing down the options. This is because I have transitioned to a made-to-order system.



If there are specific requests and as long as they meet the minimum requirements, I will create within that scope. That’s perfectly fine. (I will provide further details about the minimum requirements in a separate blog post.)



There is no need to quit forcefully, and there is no need to create forcefully either. If either option is not feasible, I won’t take it on. This is because pottery is the most precious presence in my life.



Moreover, all the numerous colors and shapes that have emerged represent a part of myself, as each vessel is an extension of my being.



The changes in my lifestyle, including aspects related to work, health, finances, and other physical aspects, have also had an impact on my mental well-being.




As a result, I have always created the vessels that were necessary for my current self, incorporating them into new lineups. That is why each and every one of them carries its own story, with the spotlight always on the latest creation at that time.




The vessels I desire to use can also subtly change depending on the season, the colors of ingredients, and the variety of dishes. It may be influenced by my mood as well.




It seems that this series of vessels, initially conceived with the concept of the interplay of Yin and Yang, ultimately resulted in incorporating intermediate colors such as pink, greige, and charcoal gray, leading to a total of five colors. This may have guided the representation of the abundant five seasons.



Certainly, while creating, I always faced physical obstacles that served as barriers, and the solutions I found were merely means to overcome and surpass them. However, as a result, various things have ended up connecting and intertwining with each other.



I believe that among the products I have wholesaled, the <Blk×Platinum> vessels are probably the least popular. Most of our business partners did not choose these vessels, as they expressed that they preferred a more unified design with gold accents, stating that it is easier to understand.




So fotunate or unfotunate, it is the least circulated vessels.(WW)

Thinking about that, it makes it even more precious to me.



Since Black × Gold is also the newest color, we didn’t wholesale it much before we stopped wholesaling altogether, so the quantity in circulation is not as lot.



I would be delighted if those who resonate with my worldview could have both the “Milky White” and “Black” colors in their collection.



I would like to continue the stories in future blogs about the introduction of the second color, the pink vessels, as well as the stories behind the charcoal gray and greige variations.



I appreciate your understanding that the releases will be irregular, but I hope you will find them interesting when they do come.


2023年5月21日 ucaco

21st of May, 2023 ucaco



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