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The third color  chose a charcoal gray  instead of black.


グレーの器を展開し始めた時、最初に選んだ4型                                                                      charcoal gray was initially chosen in these 4 models



In my blog post titled “As a Timeless Classic That Will Continue to be Loved 5 Years and 10 Years from Now – Part 1,” I mentioned that I was searching for the perfect shade of black but was unable to find it. However, during the period when I temporarily put the black color on hold, I became intrigued by the gray clay featured in the attached photo.



Nevertheless, my desire to create a container that had a blackish appearance persisted, even if it wasn’t actually black.




such as tofu dishes, chilled udon, and dishes with grated daikon or potage soup, tend to look more appetizing in vessels that have a blackish hue rather than pure white. When I experimented with creating gray vessels, the unique surface texture of the small stones complemented a variety of dishes that fuse Japanese and Western flavors. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for dishes that blend the best of both worlds.


ゴーヤーのフリットを作ってみた時のもの中にはチーズを入れてカレー塩でいただきました     I enjoyed a Goya fritter filled with cheese, seasoned with curry salt.



I ended up with a plates that perfectly complements the food I eat.


こちらはグレージュのオーバルプレートにイチジクとマスカルポーネチーズ、ナッツ類、ペッパー、シロップなどを添えてデザートとしてお客様が来た時に出していたメニューです        This is a menu I served as a dessert when guests came over. It features figs and mascarpone cheese accompanied by various nuts, pepper, syrup, and served on a greige oval plate.



For items like cups and bowls that are made on a potter’s wheel, I would lightly carve the surface to enhance the stone-like texture and achieve a finished product that had a soft, knitted-like appearance after firing.






The presence of the embedded small stones, which is the essence of this clay, truly enhances its qualities. The appearance of small white and black grains on the surface of the clay creates a captivating atmosphere. Depending on the shape of the vessel, it can exude a charming ambiance or evoke a rocky, stone-like feel. Thus, the gray containers emerged as a substitute for black.



I often used them to serve nuts, dried fruits. These were the vessels I favored during my time of a natural and organic approach to my eating .



Currently, there are two shades of gray available: charcoal gray and greige.


左にはグレージュ、右にはチャコールグレー。並べると雰囲気が違うのがわかります。          On the left, we have greige, and on the right, we have charcoal gray. When placed side by side, you can clearly see the difference in their respective atmospheres.



Both are coated with a transparent glaze, but they feature different types of transparent glazes. You can choose according to your preference.



In addition to these vessels, I also create mugs with the same category. They are perfect for enjoying milk-based beverages like chai, café au lait, affogato, or any other creamy-colored drinks.



The mug in the top right corner does not have any gold accents but features a milk-white glaze on the inside, giving it a Japanese ambiance.



I prefer the interior of my teacup to be white.That is a subjective preference. This cup is a personal favorite that I made specifically for myself.





Furthermore, as part of introducing new products, I plan to write a blog post in the near future. While using this gray clay mug, I had the idea of attaching a different style of handle to this colored mug type. I also wanted to create one without any gold accents. Towards the end of last year, I experimented with a new shape, which can be seen in the middle section of the photo. I am currently using it at home as well.



In the gray clay series, I would like to continue creating both the new mug with a different handle and the vessels where the upper part of the outside and the inside have a milk-white finish, as seen in the top right piece.



To be continued…



2023年5月24日 ucaco

 24th of May, 2023  ucaco



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