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5月 23 2023



The second color for the deployment color is pink.




Initially, there was only the choice of applying a pink glaze in this case.



I couldn’t find the desired color with the existing glazes, so I even tried making my own glazes, but it wasn’t easy to create the color I wanted.

I was starting to give up. But I decided to change my mind‐set to “Let’s color the clay itself!”



I made a slight adjustment to the concentration ratio along the way and made the pink color a bit deeper.



I embarked on creating dishes in this pink color to complement desserts, but initially, they didn’t sell well.




At that time, pink plate might have been considered unusual or less commonly seen. Many customers expressed that they were unfamiliar with how to use them, which could have contributed to the initial lack of sales. However, it’s worth noting that recently pink plate has become more common and popular, and you can often find them in various settings.



As a result, when the initial products with minor imperfections were rejected by wholesale buyers, I decided to use them as personal tableware at home. I actually served dishes and desserts on them, taking photographs and sharing them on social media.



It’s truly impressive that I was able to dedicate so much time to the production process and still find the energy to cook every day. Looking back, it was to marvelous at my own. It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate my own efforts. I want to say to me Well done!



Indeed, when feeling exhausted, it’s natural to seek out simpler recipes and create prototypes, repeatedly testing and tasting the dishes. This approach allows for a more efficient and manageable process while still exploring new culinary ideas. It demonstrates my resourcefulness in adapting to my circumstances and finding ways to pursue my passion for both pottery and cooking.


自作のボンボンショコラとコーヒー homemade bonbons and coffee


自作の道明寺の桜餅と紅茶          homemade Japanese sweets called SAKURA-MOCHI and Japanese tea


自作の水無月とお抹茶       homemade Japanese sweets called MINAZUKI and Japanese Green tea


自作のオーガニックブリスボールとお茶。カップとソーサーでは前述したようにピンクの濃度が違います。                 homemade organic bliss balls with a cup of tea. The cup and saucer, as mentioned earlier, have different shades of pink.




I often  using pink dishes for sweets.



I love sweet treats, both Japanese and Western desserts, to the extent that I would describe myself as a “sweets enthusiast”



Eating my favorite sweets brings back memories of my childhood when I loved pink. It’s the perfect color that can even make my sweet mood. WW



Moreover, I really adore the unique color combination of pink and green. In this series, I particularly enjoy coordinating it with matcha (green tea) or a fresh green salad.



I also love using pink cups to enjoy berry smoothies or berry cacao lattes. The gradient of tones within the same color scheme is incredibly cute!



However, pink is the most time-consuming color to create because it involves mixing the clay with pigments right from the start of the production process.



Currently, I only have Plat10 and Plat15 left in my inventory, but both sizes are perfect for serving sweets. If you have the opportunity, I would be delighted if you could make use of them.



2023年5月23日 ucaco

May 23rd, 2023, ucaco

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