2023年の新作はUPグレードしたコーヒーカップ。The new product for 2023 is an upgraded brown coffee cup. | ucacoceramics
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6月 02 2023

2023年の新作はUPグレードしたコーヒーカップ。The new product for 2023 is an upgraded brown coffee cup.

こちらは2023年現在の進化型のコーヒーカップです。 こちらはカップ&ソーサーとしてお使いいただけるように六角形のプレートを作りました。                   This is an evolutionary coffee cup as of 2023. This hexagonal plate was made to be used as a cup and saucer.



The brown cups that we had been producing since 2008, described in the previous blog, were cleared by increasing the number of days of production to solve the physical problems.



In proportion to the thinness of the vessel, there is a limit to the amount of water that unglazed pottery can absorb.


The aforementioned brown cup is one of the thinnest vessels I make. (I wanted to keep the mouth of the cup as thin as possible.)


The two different colors of glaze are applied to that thin pottery on the outside and inside, which is physically quite impossible.



Because both brown and milky white glazes are made with high viscosity, applying the inner and outer glazes at one time will cause the glaze to not stabilize properly on the pottery (because it has exceeded its water absorption limit) and will cause shrinkage when the pottery is fired.


As a result, the glazing process was divided into two days of production.




After a lot of losses, the glazing method was changed to two separate days in order to somehow reduce the loss rate.




Apply milky white glaze on the inside on the first day. Let dry for a few days, and when the vessel is dry and has absorbed more water, apply a brown glaze on the outside.

In this way, I made it possible to apply brown and milky white on thin ceramic clay, which is a contradiction in terms.



A thicker vessel can be glazed with these two colors without having to glaze it on another day like this. (This is also true of the snowy mountain vessels.)



It can be glazed on the same day.



It seems to be there, but it’s not. It’s somehow different from the others. If you feel that my vessels are “different,” your feeling is correct.



I think you have an excellent aesthetic eye.



At first glance, it looks normal, but it takes more days to make a cup of this color than it normally takes to make a cup of this color.



However, the model has been changed since 2023 for several reasons.


  • 特徴にしている大きな取手のデザインを変えずに、カップ自体に必要最低限の重さを持たせたかったので土を石が入ったより白さが増した信楽土へと変更しました。
  • Without changing the design of the large handle, which is a feature of the cup, the clay was changed to Shigaraki clay, which is whiter and has stones in it, to give the cup itself the minimum necessary weight.


  • 土を変更したことでカップの底面石の粒が木のテーブルを傷つけてしまうのを防ぐため完成後に特殊なコーティング加工を自身で施しています。                         After the cup was completed, he applied a special coating himself to prevent the grains of stone on the bottom of the cup from damaging the wooden table due to the change in soil.

ここに至る前は陶芸用のサンダーで底面をやすりにかけたりもしていましたが、サンダーの扱いは怪我や器の破損が多く器づくりの工程として、個人的に受け入れがたいものでもあり、出来る限り器に優しく接してやりたかったのでやめました。                                Before coming to this point, I used to sand the bottoms of my vessels with a ceramic sander, but I stopped because I wanted to be as gentle as possible with my vessels and because I personally find it unacceptable as a process of vessel making, as it often causes injuries and damage to vessels.


  • 釉薬は2色使用していますが、土の良さを生かすため全体に乳白釉を掛けました。
  • Two colors of glaze were used, but the entire piece was covered with a milky white glaze to bring out the best of the clay.

以前まで掛けていた飴のかわりに、口元にマットな燻金の釉薬をかけることで器にアクセントを持たすことも出来、以前のカップで気に入っていたデザインも継承されています。               Instead of the candy that had previously been applied, a matte smoked gold glaze was applied to the mouth of the cup to accentuate the vessel, and the design that had been a favorite of the previous cups was also carried over.


  • 土の特性を生かすため以前より少し厚みを持たせました。                   To take advantage of the characteristics of the soil, it has been made a little thicker than before.

それもあって上記の釉薬使いともマッチしています。                        This is also why it matches the above glaze use.


何色か、何型かで試作して実際に使ってから、一番気に入ったものを2023年からの新作としました。  After making prototypes in several colors and several molds and actually using them, we decided to make the one we liked best the new one from 2023.


現時点では、以前よりも製作時のロス数を減らすことが出来ています。                At this point, I have reduced the number of losses in production than before.

それによってゴミに成り得るものを作らないでいられます。                     It keeps us from creating what could become garbage.


以前よりも扱いやすいけれど、デザインでは私ucaco自身のこだわりポイントを変えずにUPDATEした最新型のコーヒー&ティーカップです。                               This is the latest version of our coffee and teacups, which are easier to handle than before, but without changing the design points that I, ucaco, am particular about.


現在、私自身が毎日使うカップでもあります。                           It is also the cup that I myself now use every day.

セットの六角形のソーサーについては次のブログにて。                      More on the set’s hexagonal saucers in the next blog.

これらのカップとソーサーの販売は6月6日を予定しています。                 These cups and saucers will be available for sale on June 6.





2023年6月2日 ucaco

June 2, 2023 ucaco





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